MY old PSU took a shit a couple of weeks ago. When my new one came from corsair it sort of blew up on me... (Plugging in the 24pin and having a capacitor blowing is not my fault in my book) and I have a distinct feeling that it may have taken a much larger shit on my mobo. 

After this debacle I have decided that it is time to finally upgrade most of my system and here is what I have come up with:


The rest of the parts i am hoping will be transferable (fingers crossed on the ram)

My rationale for each part:

CPU: I heard many great things about the recent haswell refresh (low power, decent thermals) and wanted to try my hand at overclocking.

Cooler: cheap

Mobo: cheap and z97 platform

GPU: I am going to be doing my gaming on a 900p panel and think that the 760 will last a good while with playing games at that resolution.

PSU: fuck you corsair, your faulty shit killed my last build.


Is this a good little setup?

Do you know of any better CPU in that price range with good overclocking headroom?

I haven't ever really paid much attention to mobo manufacturers so i am flying blind on that one, if someone here has it could you give me your personal opinion on that specific model?

Is that GPU to weak to last a couple of years at 900p? (by a couple of years I mean like 3-4, yay college!)

Is this PSU overkill? Is this a good brand? I mean I love Rosewill's cases and keyboards but have never used a single PSU by them. And for the love of god, don't even mention the C company as an alternative, I want nothing in my new PC to do with them.


I would like to keep within the $600-$700 price range so please don't recommend me some outlandish $400 mobo


Thank you for your attention and feedback!

did you have your corsair plugged in when you plugged in the 24pin?

yes but the switch was in the off position

Can't blame Corsair then - specifically says not to have it plugged in!  

can we focus on the new build then?

Intel isn't really power hungry.  The Pro3 should be pretty good for medium overclocks(haswell is terrible at overclocking, anyway).  If you don't want to overclock, the Xeon 1230v3 is pretty much an i7 with no integrated graphics.  It is indeed a better performer, but you will not be able to overclock it without messing a lot with the FSB(usually hard for newbies).

750w?  you should only need <500w for a single card.  Also, the board you picked doesn't support SLI.

XFX is very good quality.  These aren't modular though.

If you want modularity,

Seasonic is one of the best PSU makers out there.  XFX's power supplies are of a seasonic design as well, and use 100% japanese capacitors.