New zealand political sim [online]

Welcome to Virtual New Zealand, VNZ is a political based simulation created to mirror the legislative process and government process of New Zealand.
VNZ allows players to become MPs of the New Zealand Parliament and represent their electorate to the best of their ability, players may then progress on to a position in the cabinet or may even lead a cabinet as the Prime Minister or Leader of the Opposition.

VNZ allows players to join the current political parties:
National Party
Labour Party

However, although VNZ allow these following political parties to be played, players need to send an application to the admin team to join this parties and the admin team will have final say.

NZ First
Maori Party
Mana Party
United Future

If you would like to register your player or join the administration team, please just visit

long live kim dot com

He really shouldn't have tried to get involved in politics.
A lot of people here now hate him for it, completely glazing over everything else that has happened to him and what the US are trying to do.