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New usb flash drive causing password problems n fedora

Hi all.
I have a weird issue I would like to get some input on.

I just bought a new san disk extreme go 3.1 64gb usb flash drive directly from Amazon. And when I plug it into my fedora 31 system, it shows up fine. However, from that point forward until I restart my computer, I cannot access anything which requires a password. It will pop up with the authentication required window, but no place to put in a password. I cannot “authenticate” or “cancel”, I can only X out of it. This only seems to affect “logging in as another user” events such as mounting a drive that is root only access, or trying to open a Nemo window as root. This also extends to the terminal, trying to sudo causes it to freeze and after about a minute or so then it will ask for a password.
It doesn’t seem to affect the keyring though, things like accessing smb shares still bring up the keyring access window (my comp doesn’t automatically ask for my keyring password on login, only when i access something)

Either way it seems weird, and has me worried about this flash drive.

Ok. I finally figured it out in case anyone has a similar issue.
The problem was exFat. Even though, as i understand it, the 5.4 kernel and up has exfat embedded in the kernel.
The solution, is to install fuse-exfat & exfat-utils. After that, no more disappearing password field.

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Thanks for the heads up; I thought exFat was just working now…
Appreciate the info!