New to water cooling a nzxt phantom 630?

so i think i may take the plunge into water cooling. here are the parts i put together will it be a good set up?

case i have is a nzxt phantom 630 and i would just get distilled water at the store. and pt nuke from amazon.

its just to cool the cpu for now as this is my first crack at real water cooling.






x6 feet



any advice is welcome ive been looking it to it for a long time and decided im not upgrading till skylake so why not get some more power outta my 3770k.

well fan wise i have 4 corsair sp 120's already i like the look of them plus i have some already just need two more. yea i was looking at the ek blocks as well. im not sure i emailed frozen cpu to see if they could tell me what the best rad that would fit in my case. hope they actually answer me soonish. 


so basically either pt nuke or the silver is okay?

im about to read it. had to go get a drink looked like a long link.

i was also looking at some of the kits they have but the rad look way to big.

i just measured it. i can only do 30 mm on top if i wanna do push pull which i do. or just pull i could do 60mm.

with fans it'd be about 60 mm inside the case and on top of the case under the plastic piece its only got room for 3 fans in there. 

i feel like i bought the wrong case. but its only a year old so i dont wanna upgrade that just to water cool.

yea i figured that but i want it to look nice as well. i have the big ass window on the side. i wasnt expecting to get insane overclocks but i think the 30mm will be ok to start off with. 

ok ill look into that one.

is the xspc one i linked not a good one?

I have one of these kits:

I really like it alot, really good deal for the price too. D5 pump, 360 rad, cpu block, and 6 compression fittings. Comes with some handy accessories too like thick neoprene mounts for the pump to reduce noise/vibration, a 24pin connector for starting your psu (no shorting it with a paper clip) and it also comes with a free bottle of dead water which will probably last you forever. 

i did ive looked at like 15 sites since we started talking.

good price point how thick is the rad by it self? do you know off hand?

i think i picked a hard case to water cool is the problem. or i may have to just suck it up and get a 60 mm with pull on it.

From the description: 128 x 40 x 406mm (WxDxH) (46mm at ports)

And yes maybe it is not the most uber gear available, but its not like it doesnt work at all either. It carries a price to match its performance very well. I've had no issues out of mine but if you would rather shell out way more on an EK setup that's up to you.

Oh that XSPC kit also comes with clear tubing as well, enough to run a full loop without any issues.

its such a hard choice to pick as everyone has there own experiences with different companies and product and kits.


i changed the title maybe some one in the forum has a nzxt 630 and can put in some input.

yea that is true

nothing much you got most of it! thank you. i just wanna find some one with a nzxt 630 would be nice.

I was in the middle of tinkering with my loop anyways so I thought I would take a few photos for you. I have the original NZXT phantom so its not exactly the same as the 630 but its pretty close and maybe can give you a good idea of layout. I have an XSPC 360 in the top and a 240 in the bottom, then the 170ml pump/res from their kit. Please excuse the messy cables and SSD's awkwardly hanging in the background..

Full gallery:

(Click for larger)

Glamour shots :D

cool thanks nice rig and gaming area you got there. 

as far as the reservoir you have are there mount that you just drive in to the back and it holds it up like that?

the reservoir comes with mounting screws and you just drill the spots in the case where you want it. I did that in my old case. With this one though, because of where the cable grommets are I ended up just using 3 zip ties through the cable management holes. Works just fine and very secure