New to Steam. Help/suggestions?

i recently made my first steam account after i was given a pc to use that can actually play some games.Through the generosity of others, some of which are members here (Brennanridell and Plattinum155) i was given some games.

I noticed one of my friends had Portal, which they don't play, and i have some games i CAN'T play right now (pc specs) So i wanted to possibly make a trade. But i guess once a game goes into your library, it can't be traded? Or am i not doing it right? I was unable to set up a trade.

any help or suggestions to a Steam noob would be greatly appreciated. 

You currently can't trade games already added to a library, however Valve at some point will add game sharing which would be like borrowing a console game off somebody but I don't know the details of this

i heard something about that actually. you have to be on their family/friend list right? that would be cool for sure.

Sharing will definitely be added sometime in the future.

im wondering though.... since they are introducing a sharing ability (assuming it works like this: you lend a game. your friend can play it, but you can't, until you get it back) why not allow a full permanent trade of titles you own? Do you think they would lose much money that way as apposed to their implemented sharing system?

Look to things like Humble Bundle and Experimental Game to get yourself a good number of games. Grab up the current HB. FTL has practically no system requirements. Many other indie games require very little resources as well.

yeah, i think im going to buy the humble bundle (pretty much for FTL, Bastion, and Fez.well, nd i guess limbo too)

I'd suggest you let your bank manager know the approximate schedule of the steam sales so they can batten down the hatches for your accounts sake.


Also you could join the Tek Syndicate group if you haven't already. I don't know how active people are with it but I joined it myself sometime ago.

sus TF2, free and great casual fun.

I think game sharing is for a predetermined period of time. Steam doesn't want permanent trades, which might be determined by users, failing to send games back to their original owner.

If you still have that duplicate code for Burnout, I would suggest putting it on the forums :)

well i would assume they would grant the owner a way to get the game back instantly if... say... the 'friend' was being a douche lol

oh, actually, i do not have the duplicate burnout. turns out it was already used, so i was was given Dead Space instead. but, had i had a duplicate, it would have gone straight here =)

what do you mean "Tek Syndicate Group"?