New to PC

Hello there everybody, I am new to the field of PC gaming, but I am a little knowledgeable about many aspects. One of the aspects that I am not at all knowledgeable on is mining, but I feel it's worth having interest in.

I currently have one PC, which I plan to be doing everything on, specifically gaming. However, I have been told that I could get well over £5 per day if I went into litecoin mining. I have a few questions which I would love an answer to:

1) I have a R9 280X Graphics Card. How much could I make in pounds per day do you think?

2) Is it a dedicated thing? Could I run games in the background while maintaining a reasonable amount of coins mined (I dunno how that works).

3) Will it destroy my GPU? I need it to last a while, what sort of toll does it have on the GPU?

I may update this thread with more questions in the future.

Quick answers:

1) £5

2) You could run games in the background at around 2 FPS, unless of course you are willing to gimp your mining.

3) The heat it produces will most likely result in an early death. if you mine a lot, your GPU may last around 2 years.

Well, you can make a little less money and still keep the heat down (thus making the card last longer) but you still won't be able to play games. I usualy play games for about 6 hours and let CGMiner run while I catch up on youtube and while I'm sleeping. My 7770 never gets over 60 C and I get about $1/day (if I were to run it 24/7) If you can, get a cheep mobo/cpu/ non static plate and build a crappy CPU running Linux off a flash drive. The GPU is all that matters and that way you can leave it on all the time.