New to PC gaming looking for player to join

Steam ID: Redii2Klutch


I have Killing Floor no addon content yet,

Garry's mod (TTT) X4 (after I bought it ... it went on sale for 2.49 so I bought some guest passes :P)

Blacklight: Retribution



Civilization IV & V


and some other random ones not on steam or whatever


Looking for recommendations but mainly people to play with who use mics


I'll be your friend :)

My name on here is the same on steam. 

I'll give you some recommendations on games too if you tell me what you're into.

Well I meant to add it in the first time and was going to post it as an edit but im basically into anything I can run on the following specs until I get a new rig together.

AMD Phenom II N870 Triple-core ~2.3ghz    :(

6144mb RAM

DirectX 11

ATI Mobility Radeon HD4250

Leaves me limited :(

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I'm Armypig on steam.

Check out System shock 2, it's an older game, so it should run great on your system, and I could use someone to play with on co-op. Also, it's only $10 on steam and GOG.

I'm reminiscing in the games I used to play on my old laptop, and ran them well.  

DayZ is a super-realistic zombie/survival game.  It's free, but you need Arma 2: Combined Ops to play it.  The team is coming out with an open Alpha standalone version soon though (hopefully 'soon')

Torchlight 1&2, 2 more, it's better

League of Legends - It's free to play and fun if you like MOBA styled games

Old Tom Clancy games are always fun, and pretty easy to run... Ghost Recon - Rainbow Six... you know.

Check out the indie scene on PC if you're not familiar with it, it's pretty nice.

Bastion, Binding of Isaac, DLC Quest, Legend of Grimrock, and Limbo are some of the ones I have.  They're all fun, DLC Quest is hilarious, and Limbo is probably my all time favorite Indie.  Almost more fun watching your friends play through Limbo as playing throught it yourself haha



Almost forgot Baldur's Gate I and II are all time classics in my book, get them when they go on sale if you like RPGs and/or D&D.  You're computer will run them like a champ haha

I liked dust strangely enough. Bastion looked interesting not usually into single player games. Was a heavy xbox fps player till my daughter was born. was looking into Rift and Wildstar they look alright. I wanted to get into DayZ but didn't know if it was going to hit summer sale or something (ARMA II), I've bought 3 games on here/360 in the last few days then they all went on sale so I'm a little hesitant at the moment... Going to look into Torchlight 2 and System shock 2 now thanks guys.


Left4Dead 2 is on sale on steam this weekend for $5 (also free to play for the weekend). That's a pretty awesome teamwork based game, and it's source engine so should run OK on your system. I'd definitely be down to play some games if we end up having some in common; my sn is the same as on here. greatestape. 

Another vote for Torchlight 2. I don't get the appeal of Left 4 Dead 2. I bought the game for no reason when it was on sale for $5. Played it. Could not see what was so special about the game that has everybody mentioning it.

Anyway, add me, Kalash156

I hope you're not one of those fucking 10-year olds with an annoying voice...

AwesomeTimeTraveler on Steam.

I'll rock some Killing Floor with you; one of the few games I own that has Linux support :)

Name is my forum name ^

I would recommend TF2. Its free and you don't need a powerful pc to run it at max.

My name on Steam is my forum name, I have Garry's Mod but I have never played it, I got gifted it a while back. I would play some Minecraft with you for sure. I have a mic, but that seems like a given with PC players. Also, I reccomend that you get CS: Source, CS: GO, and Skyrim. Those are some great PC games that I can see a lot of people loving. You should also pickup Battlefield 3 if you can run it on your PC, personally, I would just wait for the release of Battlefield 4 in the fall.

i'll play killing floor, gmod ttt, or anything free, if you're a fan of the generic fps arctic combat isn't bad for a free game

steam is same as here

I just bought Killing Floor on Steam because it was super cheap and my friend said it was good. I will play that with you if, seeing as you have it.

Okay I believe I'm caught up with the adds, thank you all. Haven't played anything much been busy :( I have a LOT of xbox 360 games but slowly building my collection here. Witcher2, doom(maybe), bf3, borderlands 2 and some others I am meh about due to owning on xbox... I have started the instal for Dota 2 and am currently d/ling tf2.

Edit: not a 10 year old voice however at2020 not headset depending on gain and what all is going on at time may pick up 1 yr daughter in bg.