New to overclocking: 4670k help

Hello Tek Syndicate! Long time video watcher, first time poster! While I'm pretty happy with my rig, my CPU was really starting to show its age (Phenom II X4 950 BE), and as I didn't have USB3 or SATA 6gb/s I really it was time to upgrade. Made the plunge and bought:

Core i5 4670k
ASrock Z87 Extreme 4
Corsair Hydro H60**

All of this stuff arrives tomorrow (hopefully!) so I'm doing my reading tonight so I'm prepared.

(** I know for the money I could have gotten a better air cooler, and this is far from high end - but I've never owned a watercooling system before and want to try it out, I like the bling factor, and I'm not going to push my CPU very far initially anyway)

I mostly game, but do a bit of 3D modelling/rendering, Photoshop and video editing (but not a huge amount).

I'm only planning to push this to 4GHz, because I'm a sucker for round numbers. I'm kidding, mostly just doing this as an experiment and a way to get my foot in the door. I've overclocked GPUs using software but never done any bios overclocking with a CPU.

I've read through the Haswell sticky guide and my question is this:

As I'm only planning to go to 4GHz and not tax it, can I get away with simply changing the multiplier? Running some Prime95, adding more voltage if it's needed, getting it stable, and leaving the rest of the settings on default?

A few people I've heard speaking about Haswell overclocking say there's now more to it than simple multiplier/voltage adjustments and go on to talk about "cache ratios", "ring bus" and all sorts of terminology I've never heard of before. Will I need to worry about these things with a simple small overclock?

Thanks for your time and keep up the good work!


Oh, also, I only have a Corsair CXM 430w CPU. As I don't have a particularly power hungry GPU, will this be a problem? (Single 12v rail). I used a couple of wattage calculators and they all seem to indicate I'm only going to be using 300-350 watts - so I'm thinking I should have enough overhead, but I wanted to make sure.

Thanks again!