New to Bitcoin Mining

Hi TekSyndicate, 

I just kind of started Bitcoin mining and i have been using BTCguild and use GUIMiner to do the bitcoin thing. however, i have been mining at around 280Mhash/s for the past few days, but now GUIMiner starts with 280Mhash/s and then drops down to ~400 Khash/s. (thats in BTC Guild "Netherland and Germany) Can anyone help? and if i switch to BTC Guild (any), i get IO errors and tolerance which i have no idea what it means. 


Any help would be appericated!


If you change to the stratum server (, it should keep a constant rate. All the presets that are in GUIMiner are for getwork, which has been taken offline for BTC Guild.

Hi RyTak, 

May you please tell me how to change that? :( 

i dont know how to do that 


In order to change the host, you need to change the server menu to "other", this is found at the bottom of the list.

the host box should be set to the address i gave in my previous comment.

the port is 3333.

all of the other settings will be the same.


where do you find the server menu? is it in the guiminer? or what? 

Yes, in GUIMiner, there is a server list (a drop down menu), that is where you find the "other" option.

Thanks for the help RyTak! :)

But if i changed the settings, would i need to change anything on the BTCGuild website? i haven't seen any change on my balance. I guess i need to wait but i was just curious.

I would advise getting off of BTC Guild.  They're getting to large a portion of the network's hashrate.

which one would you prefer?

Iss it worth miningnat that speed? How much do you earn?