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Time to upgrade/build a new rig. Current system is over 5 years old. Gaming/media rig. Budget is 2000 - 2500 American dollars. Box only no periph’s. Not a big over clocker but i will play a bit. Air cool, (the idea of water inside my system is very counter intuitive) Would like to get 5 years out of this new build if possible.

I don’t keep up with hardware after i do a build (unless something breaks) so im just now starting to get up to speed on whats out there.

Clean reliable power and a quality motherboard are a must. Im pretty set on The Gigaabyte Aorus Pro. A quality PS is mandatory

Here is my preliminary part picker build. The AMD Ryzen line looks impressive so i haven’t ruled that out.

Open to all critique/suggestions … even the MB choice

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Def consider Team Red, they are back in a big way!


Get the X570 AORUS PRO WIFI instead (its ITX) - Downgrade the i7 to maybe Ryzen 5 3600x - you really dont need the excess stuff unless you stream to twitch or do rendering work.

WIth more money, you can bump up your graphics card to whatever it can fit into. It actually depends on you display case in point, if you have a 1080p60 monitor a 5700xt may do the job cheaper with some allowances - unless you want RTX (why do you want rtx?)

You can now get a smaller profile case (limited by your choice of cooler). You can probably ditch either one of the two SSDs. You can downgrade the PSU… you really dont need anything higher than 650 because you dont overclock…

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Definitely will as I am impressed with what ive seen so far. I will lay out a Ryzen plan as time allows. Time is on my side. My Target is for end of year. Want to catch holiday sales.

If you have a Microcenter nearby I would check them out. They have some good combo prices. On open box it’s nice to get a 100 dollar case for 50 or 60 bucks cause it has a little scratch.
Heatpipes never wear out
Are you planning on the HD for media and the SSD for games?

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Thank you for the input. X570 Ryzen is on the table. Not a fan of smaller form factor. Current monitor is 1080p60 which i plan to upgrade next year to 1440p144, possibly dual so i would like a GPU that can handle that. The GPU in my build is really a holding/starting point so im not fixed on RTX. I do have room to move up on the GPU as it is. I know the 850 is overkill. I probably will downgrade that to a 750.

I hope to have time this week to look closer at a Ryzen build.

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There is a Microcenter with in 5 miles :slightly_smiling_face: Im all about function over flash.
Yes, HD for media/SSD for games


No GPU is gonna hold up for 5 years. Currently the best deal in my mind is Vega56. At least here in Germany those were pretty damn cheap sometimes over the last month or so. Otherwise RX5700 seems competitive in price/performance terms.

Disclaimer: I just don’t like nvidia … everything still true though. :yum:

If an upgrade were to be needed it would likely be the GPU, i get that. That said my current system build (july 2014) is still running the original GPU (Radeon R9 270X) and is only recently showing its age.

I have used AMD GPU for the past 15 years or so with no major problems. Ive had 1 RMA with XFX that went very smooth. My only annoyance is occasional backward compatibility with newer drivers on some of the older games i play. I would guess that same annoyance with nvidia. I have yet to do a deep dive into GPU so AMD is very much on the table.

What is your beef with nvidia?

Mostly how they behave as a company, locking everything down, never giving a crap about open standards unless they have no other choice anymore and so on. Apart from that on the linux side you still have to use closed drivers with team green while on AMD the last couple generations of GPUs are fully supported out of the box on current distros.


Why do you have a 1TB NVME and a 250GB NVME in your build?

I prefer to run the OS from a separate physical drive.


Meh… kind of useless personally, but if you prefer go that way, I would recommend maybe keeping then keep that 256GB NVME for the OS and main application, and just have the 2TB Samsung 860 QVO as a secondary storage and ditch the spinning rust completely.


I agree, spinning rust is nice for bulk storage in NAS form … far away from where you physically are. But SSD storage is cheap enough now that you don’t have to deal with harddrives on the desktop anymore.

The 970 500GB is quite a bit faster than the 256 by the way. Not sure about the plus model but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was still the same.

My recommendation: Crucial MX500 2TB for storage. Solid, cheap, fast, 5 years warranty.


Thanks guys this is the kind of feedback i am looking for. Old habits die hard. Something nostalgic about that HDD whine at startup. Which is dumb as i can’t hear it over the fans anyway.

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Nostalgia killer:

Sound of a floppy trying to read a 5 1/2" floppy that was used as a coaster for cheap beer.
You can set it to play at start up :slight_smile:


If you don’t already have one, consider adding a NAS to your LAN. You can build one out of an old, disused PC for cheap. I keep all of my music and archives on my NAS, as well as document back-ups from my PC(s). I use spinning rust in RAID on the NAS and SSDs in my PCs and laptops.

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I don’t have a NAS and it would be a good use for the system i am replacing. I could do raid1 with the rust i have on hand.

Thank you

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