New ssd setup

Hi guys.

Could anyone please tell me or link a video to explain how to setup an ssd. And is there a way to set the default program install folder and my documents ect, to my hdd. i have to do this as my ssd is only 60gb and is for windows 8 and chrome only.

Any help would be great.

I would just install all of your programs to your SSD.  60GB is big enough for all programs (except maybe for CS6 or Vegas, etc...).  I mean, you dont want just your OS to run fast, but you want your programs to be snappy too, right?!  Besides, your programs will probably work better if they are nestled in with your Windows disk like they're supposed to be.  

If you really want to install your programs to your HDD, then as your installing them, just change the directory your installing to each time.  

Make a folder on the root of your HDD called 'Programs'.

Thanks for the help. The only programs i use is google chrome and steam really. It was a cheap upgrade for only £35 from an ebay auction. i will probably try the directory edit thing, but if it doesnt work that well because i know some problems can occur so i may just have to change the intall.

ah yea, for steam i just have it installed on my hard drive.  but now steam has this new feature and you can choose where you want each new game installed.  Its really nice if you want to have the bulk of your library on your HDD, but want a few select games installed to your SSD so they load fast.