New slam band

Eh... Not sure if their new, but new to me.

I can't find much on them besides this.

Good shit.

slam and tech death is were its at.

ya they aren't really new.. they actually broke up a while back i think.

Of course you would know look at your avatar :P

Although that sucks, I heard about four of their songs and liked them all.

ya they were pretty good, i was waiting for them to get going, had them on myspace then one day i just noticed it said RIP. its lame when what could be good bands never really get going.. or when good bands get worse.

Wanna list some more non-common Slam Bands?

idk how much i can add, i dont look for bands like i used to.

what do u already listen to?

Not much of slam slam, but slammish brutal death bands and stuff like Artery Eruption, Revenance, Devourment ect.

lol i think most any slam could be slammish brutal death metal

you have probably heard all the slamish stuff im into since most are common.

Guttural Engorgement

Vomit Remnants

KRAANIUM -the guys i stole this pic from :]


Godless Truth (a lot of its more brutal, but its still sick)

the newer Defeated Sanity album had more grove riffage if i remember correctly.


Disfiguring the Goddess (mehh)



Human Mastication


Cephalotripsy (a must if u dont already listen to em)

Carnivore Diprosopus


but like i said alot of the stuff im into is brutal death metal with slam parts and stuff.

I know most of those aside from Carnivore Diprosopus, Saprogenic, Sarcolytic, and Godless Truth

Disfiguring the Goddess isn't bad at times :P Good vocals, rest is meh. Big Chocolate is pretty good at vocals though

the vocals aren't bad but the guitar and stuff is nothing special.

i would have listed more but i would have had to dig through my playlist and myspace friends more than i want to..

Down From The Wound is a pretty good slam band