New Skylake build-- and question about SSD/OS install

OK this is my first build. Here's my PCpartpicker list:
My BIG CONCERN at the moment is being able to install the Windows 10 OS on the Intel 750 SSD drive as the boot drive. I ordered the 2.5" configuration and the Hyper Drive Kit with the idea of adding a second 750 (or other brand) in the slot when the prices come down more. I can't find any information on how to do this on the Asus Z170-A and if there are problems. Can you help? In fact Intel hasn't even tested the 750 with Win 10 according to my phone call to them today so I'm sweating it a little. Sweating because I've already ordered everything, but most of it's all returnable at newegg except the cpu and gpu, so I welcome any thoughts or suggestions on what you might think I should have done differently.

By the way I'm building primarily for video editing (inc. 4K), Photoshop/Lightroom use. I want the 750 as boot/OS and for now will use SSD for source material while editing ... and storage and exports to external USB3 swappable Raid1's ... because I have a bunch of them already.

I've seen LTT vids that had a 750 as the boot drive. I don't think there will be an issue :P

partpicker list is empty.
But there basicly shouldnt be any issue with installing windows on the intel 750 ssd.
Asus Z170-A is basicly a sollid board.

The only question i have, since you mainaly build this setup for video editing.
Have you allready concidered a X99 setup for this kind of workloads?
I would personaly recommend to go with X99 for this kind of productivity work.
THe 5820K for example comes with 6 cores 12 threads, and that will realy help in productivity workloads like rendering. vs the only 4 cores 8 threads on Skylake.

In terms of pricing the 6700K and 5820K cost arround the same.
So for that matter the price diffrence isnt realy a thing.

Are you really sure you need a 750 SSD? does a 500mbps SSD really hold back 4k editing?

Also you gotta use the permalink

And I believe you're probably going to want to go X99 possibly with a workstation card if you aren't doing heavy gaming

could be yes.

I suppose it's slightly dangerous, but isn't RAID 0 on 2 480gb SSDs more cost effective?

Thanks for your reply! And bummer about the partpicker, it should be fixed now. Yes we considered the X99 build but ultimately decided on the Skylake because our workload is primarily Photoshop and Lightroom and not as heavy on editing. As I understand it, the X99 build would have made the PS/Lightroom work a little slower and at the time of designing this build it was pricier and we've already exceeded our budget.

We're starting to wonder if we should have gone the route you suggest but the purchase is made and newegg won't let you return the cpu.

At best I think it would be about the same price but slower. When the price comes down we do plan to run off of two 750's--one for OS and one for source material.

I think it's like $350 for a 750 SSD, and you can get a Mushkin Chronos 480gb for around $139 I believe.

But I think as far as installing an OS goes, PCI-e stuff now works a lot better than previous stuff

Thanks Streetguru, appreciate the feedback. This being our first build I don't know whether I'm excited or terrified! :-)

When testing the Intel 750,
we were able to install Windows 8.1 onto the device with ease. No
special drivers or additional software were needed, and it was detected
immediately during the storage selection prompt during installation. In
order to install the OS onto the Intel 750, we first went into the UEFI,
disabled CSM support and booted off our install media via the “UEFI:
” option. After Windows installed, the main
boot option shows as “Windows Boot Manager.” This also means that it can
be utilized with both hardware fast boot modes and Windows fast boot
feature. The only issue we encountered was that it had longer boot times
than typical SATA drives. Check out our review to see our analysis on boot time utilizing the 400GB model to learn more.

ah okay makes sense.
i was assuming that your workloads where also allot of 4k video editing and rendering,
and for that the 5820K would have been a big benefit.
But for primarily Photoshop not that much indeed.
The Skylake i7 will ofc also use allot less power, so for that matter it will also save on power costs.