New RTX 2060 models with TU104 150

For anyone just planning their blender render farm, you might want to take a look at this.
Complete gut feeling: There might be even more to unlock.


So there is absolutely no guarantee? It’s a luck draw…

With other cards yes. The EVGA KO is the one to get.

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He did say that word fr nVidia was that they could be 104 or 106 dies which might change the performance.

They are only guaranteed for the gaming performance.

It certainly is. But so is shucking WD mybook external HDDs for NAS drives.
If you want to risk it is up to you.

Personally I don’t have a use case for CUDA and I don’t like nvidia, so I’m not buying anyway.


It reminds me of that time people bought Phenom dual and triple cores so they can unlock the extra cores…

It is like that, yes. But in this case you don’t even have to unlock anything to get the higher performance. It’s just there.

Here in Germany you have a 14 day return window on anything you buy online. Identifying should be pretty easy, if not by some program like GPU-Z then by running a blender benchmark and comparing results.

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While that is the law, don’t online stores have their own “fair use” policy for returns. Like one or two sure but if you are continually buyi g and returning they will just say no after so long. That would be a lot of open “used” stock that they do not want to have to pay for, shipping, handling, restocking, testing… The whole shebang.

I have used that right tons of times on amazon and never had any problems. Same goes for my three goto hardware e-tailers. I also don’t have a problem to buy open box items for a couple bucks less. And in the end … last I checked they were still making money. :wink:

Something to keep in mind: Because I always have the option to return it, I am more likely to buy.

But I assume you were not doing it on a serial basis. Probably only a few things here and the and not the same item over and over.

You may not mind open box but many would along with potential warranty problems that it might entail.

If you mean just to get one 2060 KO that is potentially a little faster it is more valuable for most to just buy the assured more powerful one (2070 or 60ti or whatever new batch of cards nvidia released today) off the bat and never have to buy, open, test, repackage, send, wait, receive, test… Potentially many times.

What is your point?

My point is that there is not point in going through the entire process just to maybe get one that can do a bit extra when you can 100% get a card that will do the work with no hassle.

Well, there is. Money. These 2060 cards are way cheaper than any equivalent available. And as I already said, if you want to do it is up to you.

Also, it seems that the 2060 KO from EVGA is exclusively build from these TU104 150 dies, or at least the current batch. So no, you probably don’t have to buy - return - repeat many times.

Which for an individual that makes sense but on scale it would probably cost money, time is money.

I would also imagine the small increase (edit: €60 at a glance on amazon taking the first KO and first 2070 that came up, so likely even less if you look around) in price between a 2060KO and a 2070 would be offset by the 2070 just being faster and getting the work done quicker, thus saving money anyway.

This 2060KO thing sounds like a major nothing burger.

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