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If anyone’s curious, the song is "Basement Floor"

Also, Steve from Hardware Unboxed also has one, but rushed through his unboxing, and has apparently EDITED OUT THE UNBOXING after Fractal complained that it was two weeks ahead of time.

But, this time Bitwit also posted about it so I guess it’s fair game.

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  1. @wendell breathing on the glass panel was not creepy… not in the slightest, at all.

  2. I like the look of it. Really would be curious of thermals of temper glass on top vs vents. I think the top being open is why my Silverstone RL06 does so well with thermals. Got 3 fans sucking in air, CPU cooler sucking in that air AND the air from the top before getting exhausted from the rear.

  3. That price tag though… ick, I guess its a good competitor with the H500M with only a 40 dollar price difference(which frankly if you are gonna buy a 200 dollar or more case ain’t that much).



RGB needs to go away.

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It doesn’t really, but designers need to learn how to use it properly…
As much as I am opposed to RGB, I have RGB in my case… 2 LED strips I have attached directly to my motherboard an year ago, set to white and completely ignored the existence of…
I am yet to install the Asrock RGB thing, cause the motherboard remembered my white setting and now I don’t need to touch it anymore…
NZXT does RGB right… They don’t…
You want a white case? We have a white SKU. You want red - we have red SKU. Green, blue? We have those…
If that was cooler master or someone else there would be one SKU with addressable RGB you can do whatever color you want…
Just to prove my point:

Anyways… RGB can be used well and subtly to enhance a build, but not like that…

All I want is a steel box without window, proper airflow and support for various drives.
No need to add 40€ worth of LEDs.


Lian Li PC9F…

Which there are plenty of.

For consumers, about 4.
For example: Supermicro S5, Phanteks Enthoo Pro, CoolerMaster CM 690II

Seriously, the RGB - Airflow - Window triangle is basically choose 2 now.

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I’m sure there are plenty of older cases which are around that will do the trick

I have been looking.
My list of requirements is split in “required” and “nice to have” features. Ticking 80% of those or above is done by very few cases.

So basically an R5 (or R6 without window) with a Meshify front panel.
Fractal’s contact page has an option for product suggestions. It never hurts to ask

see also

It’s the meshify s2, black no side panel. I might have ordered 3 of these and 3 of the meshify minis for the office :smiley:

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So the ratio of clean cases to RGB cases necessary to thwart the evil RGB overlords is 3:1?

Meshify S2 is pretty close, apart from the (relative) lack of hard drive support.
You’d have to make a custom HDD cage to get anywhere near what the R5 and R6 can hold.

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MegaSIGH …

Thats the good thing about fractal design.
Need support for many hdd’s? - R5/R6.
Need support for custom water cooling? - Define S/S2/Meshify S2.
Need matx version’s? - We got you fam.

And all skews are avaliable whith or whithout plexi/TG sidepanels.
Not to mention their other lineups of case series - mini itx, budget friendly etc.

And if you need hdd support and the temps in the r5/r6 are a touch too warm - open the front panel.
It wouldn’t surprise me if you could take the front panel from the Meshify s2 and slap it on the r6 without much trouble if any.

And while this rgb version is too disco for my taste, I understand FD, why wouldn’t they want a dance on the all glass rgb floor with the other manufactures?

Edit for a bit of typesetting :slight_smile:
And typos…

Would like to see Fractal do a new version of the Arc Midi and Mini, but I think the Meshify has taken its place.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the PSU shroud that seemingly everyone’s doing now. Massive waste of space for questionable airflow gains. Not difficult hiding excess wiring.

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