New purchased ram will not run at stock speeds!

Just got a kit of PNY XLR8 1866 2x8GB kit(CL9 9-10-9-27) and I cant get it to run at rated XMP settings even after manually setting it. Getting complete system instability with it at stock clocks bad enough that my system freezes and restarts soon after loading windows. I seem to have it working right now but I had to release the timing a bit and its at 10-10-10-30. Never had this happen before(not at rated). The mobo I am using is compatible with this ram speed and I have the latest bios(ASRock fatal1ty 970 performance). So here is the question. Could it just be a defective kit? Could the mobo or the CPU memory controller cause this?

You haven't played with your FSB speeds on your CPU at all?

I don't have the time to mess around too much but I did up the voltage and it did nothing. I live only 15 minutes away from the Microcenter I got this stuff so the CPU, Mobo, and Ram are going back this moment. Gonna get the Asus M5A99FX Pro 2.0 instead, I tried saving a bit of money and got the ASRock but the fatality line keeps letting me down with horrible OC options. Gonna see if I can fnd some AMP profile ram as well.

If it doesn't run at XMP settings, I'd return it as faulty.

Well I ended up exchanging the cpu, board, and ram. Got really lucky, found an ASUS Z87 Pro and paired it with a 4690k for $207. Exchanged ram for same type. I was writing my first reply to you when my system again froze up on me. No blue screen, just froze on this page and stayed like that tile I hard shutdown. Anyways upon reboot I got a SMART error for my storage drive. I disconnected it and for the last 20 minutes no errors. I even ran prime95 which I could not do before without it freezing. Gonna go ahead and use memtest to check this kit out. It might be that my sata cable or storage drive is bad causing the lock ups. Since hot plug settings for these sata ports are disabled maybe the sata cable being bad is disconnecting and causing these issues. Will test both things out and see what happens. Will update upon completion of my testing.

Which cpu are you using?
i'm missing that crucial part of info.

ah NVM, i see you made a switch to intel, which i personaly encourage.

Yea I had the 8320 but I got the 4690k. New cpu, new mob, new kit of the same ram and still same issue. Cant be the ram again can it... maybe a bad batch sent to my local shop... I tested the system without the drive that gave me errors and still having issues. Will run memtest and also run a live USB of linux to see if the system still has issues. IF anything I will exchange it ALL minus the CPU and MOBO cus I just got that at a steal.

which voltage are those rams run?
i assume it should be 1.65V?

Set the ram´s to 1600mhz by hand in the bios, you basicly should be able to select that ramspeed in the drop down menu in the bios.

IT works at 1600, just not at the rated 1866. Ram V is 1.5
This is the kit I am using

Hmm thats kinda weird, normaly in the Asus bios you have a simple drop down menu in which you can select speeds, if they are running 1.5V then it basicly should be enough.

BUt if its running stable at 1600mhz, then i would say, keep them at 1600mhz, cause there wont be any diffrence between 1600 or 1866 for that matter.

Wenn you select an xmp profile, which speeds does the motherboard let them run? if the board let them run at 1.65V and the ram´s are rated for 1.5V then that could maybe cause an issue. double check that.

This motherboard like the last one detect correct XMP profiles. The thing is I dont want them at 1600. I bought them for 1866. Enough benchmarks show that 1866 gives you about 1-3 frames more over 1600. I know 1-3 frames means absolutely nothing but I am way too OCD to let that slide. Anyways I remounted everything and doubled check connections, also reinstalled all the drivers on my mobo and for the last 3 hours its been stable. Hopefully it was just driver issues. If not I guess I can live with getting a 1600 kit from a more trusted vender.

I have never seen benchmarks showing me that, i also have tested it my self.
And my conclusion it doesnt make any diffrence at all.
Still i do understand what you are saying, ofc you want them on 1866mhz, and it also should work on that speed.

But i talk about voltage, which voltage does the xmp let the rams run on?
If the xmp loads correctly then it should run the ram on the correct timing settings and voltage, but it could be that the motherboard is overvolting them.
My question is basicly, do they run stable at 1600mhz or not?

Also have you updated the bios allready?

You know with AMD AM3/AM3+ CPU's say they can handle the 1866MHz memory, but in reality the memory controllers on the chips usually won't go over 1600 reliably. It is a known issue.

AMD tech support usually says that if you get it to work it is usually will only work with 2 sticks of the 1866 ram.

So I am not surprised, being an AMD person, the best I have ever been able to get stable on AM3 / AM3+ boards is 1600 memory.

I have tested that myself as well and maybe its just a placebo affect but I feel 1866 smoother lol Anyways this is one of the benchmarks from a site I looked at that I can at least recall
specifically not the average but the minimum fps is where I find 1866 over 1600. Especially in Crysis 3 and Battlefield 4 which is a game that takes about 90% of my gaming time.

Really? I have never had that problem at all with AMD. Only time I could not go over 1866 was with 4 dimms at once. Had a 8320 and 7850k build once with 2x8GB 2400 and never an issue.