New psu

hi  i need a pcu still for my new gaming pc buid and  do not know what to look for in a pcu all i know is i will need atleast a 750w pcu dont care to much after that and main power conecter is 24 pin

you mean PSU power supply unit right?

and I highly doubt you need 750w unless your running a dual 7970 setup

what is in your system

it is not down all the way yet and yes i did mean psu i will be runind 2 ggeforce gtx 690 overclocked with a amd fx 8350 overcolocked with a full system watercooling

Haha youre funny, try more like 800 -1000 watts.

If you really built such a system yourself than you wouldnt need our advice, however get a seasonic 800 or 1000 nwatt gold PSU or the corsair AX1200i.

If you have a 690, you oughta take good care of it.