New PSU with old motherboard? Will it work?

Hi everyone,
I am thinking of upgrading my PSU to a corsair Rmi 650 as only have a generic one from store. The motherboard is a intel dg45id with core 2 quad Q8300. My question is will this work or is the motherboard to old for a modern PSU? Will it provide to much power? What about the 4 pin cpu power. I don't want to blow up my pc.

Any help would be great thanks :)

should work basicly.

I had a DP45SG Mobo (Same socket as your's)

Running a standard ATX PSU will be fine but can I ask why? f the PSU still runs, why of all the parts on this system would you upgrade your PSU? The CPU/Mobo would have to be 7.5 years old by now. Even if you had a Q9550 like I did, you will be having huge issues with performance outside of general computing.

The fact is that the PSU wont improve the performance of your system and the oly reason to upgrade the PSU was if it was failing.

Thanks for replying :)

My current gpu is a ATI 2600 xt which doesn't require external power.

I have a newer xfs 6770 which was given to me for free and is a decent upgrade from current gpu. The 6770 requires a 6 pin power, the 6 pin power on my current PSU doesn't fit into the 6770. I thought if I buy a modern PSU it will work.

You're likely to see a bottleneck with your CPU and that GPU (I had a GTX 560 with my Q9550) But go for it then since the gpu was free.

So the PSU won't overload the motherboard or cpu with to much voltage?

Voltage between different PSU's of the same standard do not change. When comparing a say 400 watt PSU with a 650 watt PSU, the difference is not how much power that goes into the computer but how much power the computer can reliably draw from the PSU. If you have a computer that draws 400 watts in the 400 watt PSU, it will draw 400 watts from the 650 watt PSU. The point of buying a higher wattage PSU is so when your system tries to pull 500 watts from its PSU, it wont damage the PSU. a 650 watt PSU can handle a 500 watt system but a 400 watt PSU cant.

Will work for sure. I got an Antec HCG620W for an old 775 board and still works flawlessly. The power is "intelligently" required by the system so a current or voltage overload can come only if something goes wrong with the motherboard or the PSU itself.