New PSU Buzzing under load, not close to max wattage

Just updated my rig, I'm using a brand new PSU from EVGA, the GQ 750 watt, 80+ Gold

Under load (which is about 350-400 watts), it started to make a buzzing/rattling sound louder than all other fans, see below.
After I ended the game I was playing, I noticed that the fan was buzzing and It would stop when I put my hand on the PSU shroud and applied pressure.

It seems that the PSU fan is too loud. Under load, It alone drowns out the 120mm cpu fan @ 1300 rpm, my EVGA 1070's fans, and the 3 120mm chassis fans @ 750rpm.

Tomorrow after class, I'm going to reseat the PSU and see what I can do about the vibrations.
I'd love to hear if any of you have experienced the same problem and what you solutions are.

TL:DR PSU is not being stressed much, but fan is crazy loud, buzzing and rattling away. Gonna reseat PSU tomorrow after class, in the meantime, what did you do to solve the problem

maybe try loosening and re-tightening the fan and grill as well (try not to damage any of the warranty stickers) and if that doesn't do it return the sucker

Yeah, if reseating the PSU and/or fan doesn't work then sending it back is pretty much all you can do without opening the unit up.

I would rma the unit.
Buzzing psu isnt really normal atleast not what you would expect from a quality unit like the one you have.

@MisteryAngel @w.meri @Skelterz Update time

I took the PSU out and put it on some rubber washers from a hard drive tray, circled in red. It wasn't touching the case, but the buzzing continued :( I'm just gonna call EVGA tomorrow I guess
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shame, well better to get it over with than continue to deal with it

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