New phone?

Hi guys. I'm looking to buy a new phone. But I don't want to buy it band new  I would like to spend under 200 for an older smartphone. I've been looking at the Samsung galaxy nexus and this looks interesting. They range from about 125 to 200 on Craigslist with some extras. Id like to have a decent camera, dosome moderate gaming, browse the web, watch youtube, the usual stuff. What do you think is the best phone for this price range new or used.  It must be unlockable or work for t mobile. 

I have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250. And it is the best phone I have ever had. Mine is around 1½ years old and still works like a charm :) I curently run with the 4.2.1 JellyBean.

The only drawback is the 16GB storage, (approx. 13 GB free) with no possibility to upgrade with micro SD card. I use around half of that space at the moment. You just need to manage what you have on the phone, and delete unused stuff. I had a lot of videos on the phone, and maxed out the 13 GB storage.

But after going through the videos I decided to delete about about 4-5 GB worth of videos, since I rarely watched them anyway, and after getting Netflix, and the Slingplayer App, I stream a lot of videos instead.

If you can live with the 16 (13GB) storage, I can recommend the phone. The screen is very good,  watching videos, and reading e-books works well on the screen.

I will keep using this phone, until it falls apart in my hands, and then either get a Nexus4, or whatever Nexus phone is available at the time. I do favor the raw Android ecosystem, and after the latest update to 4.2.1 the phone is flying. (Not that the previous versions showed any trouble on this phone :) )

A few months ago I bought a larger battery for the Nexus:

It extends the battery life quite a bit, and it does not add much to the weight and thickness of the phone. I higly recommend it.

Thank you. I think I'm either going to go with this or the lg Optimus g. I found a really good deal on the Optimus.  

I had a Galaxy Nexus until I bought a Nexus 4, Its a great phone I wasnt to impressed with the camera though.