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New Pfsense Box


I got a new pfsense box to get ready for 2.5.

So i got a Qotom 7500U
When i start it from USB to do the installation i get a error

sdhci_pci1_slot0 controller timeout.

i did search and found some people that said.

Pfsense works well but will require “hw.sdhci.enable_msi=0” to be added to /boot/loader.conf to prevent timeouts on the sdhci controller when booting.
and “hint.sdhci_pci.0.disabled=1” to /boot/devices.hints

this didnt work. It still gives the error it takes about 2-3 minutes of this error then it boots to pfsense and everything works.

It isnt that much of a problem as long as it keeps running and i wont reset it often anyway. Only when there is a update it will be rebooted. Or if hte power goes out for longer then 2 hours (UPS).

another question is how can i make a backup of my current one and put it back on the new one. I tried the build in Auto Configuration backup. But that one doesnt seem to install the plugins etc.


Ok it did keep al the settings so only had to reinstall the packages. So only the first problems still stands