New PC randomly freezes

OK, so i just recently built a new computer for my friends so that when they come over they can game also, but ive run into a problem the computer will randomly freeze on Google chrome or when it goes to the screen saver. when it does freeze the screen will still have random colors all over the place.

But here's the funny part I can game on it all day but as soon as I go onto chrome or the screen saver pops up it automatically freezes with the random colors.

Here's the specs

Amd A6 5400k

Gigabyte F2A55M-HD2 am2/am2+ motherboard

4gb VisionTek red label 2133 mhz ram

Random seagate 500gb hardrive

Rosewill slim micro atx case W/ 300 watt power supply


Thanks In Advance

Kyle H.

I was having similar issues with my rig. It gets hard to isolate the issue but I would start with making sure all my drivers and my mobo bios are current. Does it do the same with say Firefox or Explorer?