New PC NO POST Just fans and lights

so i built my first pc 2 days ago and all the lights and fans turned on except i couldnt post it and no video was being detected ive heard that it was the video card but i seriously doubt that due to the fans where spinning on it ive also heard it was the mobo but is that possible if i have everything plugged into the mobo and its working its just not posting

Power supply... trust me...

well the speaker beeped 5 times doesnt that mean cpu failure :/

Did you try a ram re-seat yet?

The speaker beeping is an indication. You need to check your motherboard manual for what it means.

I had the same problem, did you take the cmos JUMPER* (I said pin before) off and forgot to put it back on, that's what I did and it POST right after I turn it back on once I put it back on the pins. Is the CPU power connector plugged in?

i havent even messed with the cmos pic and yea the cpu power was on 

5 beeps usually means CPU or GPU error (will depend on board bios). Reseat the GPU and run with minimal build, 1 stick of ram,CPU+heatsink,boot drive and GPU. If it boots it could be PSU or a bad RAM modual (or something that isnt plugged in).

If it still gives the error try a diff GPU if you have one to eliminate the GPU error if not just boot with no GPU (if you get the same beep code then it most likely a dud gpu).