New PC Headset

Does anyone have any experience with this headset and recommend it? If not, what headset do you recommend? I need a mic and would prefer 7.1 unless you can convince me otherwise.

Also I was wondering if you can output the chat sound to a headset and the game sound to speakers in games (w/o TS or vent) such as NS2?

My motherboard

Thank you in advance

I was looking up headphones a while back but not headsets I would like to see some recommendations as well. I seen a good bit of people looking into sennheiser for headphones dunno if they're good for headsets as well or others using astros. I was debating about using my xp500 just know I want to step away from my at2020

I would like to know why you were looking into the G35 though.


I've always had good luck with Logitech stuff and it's right in my price range. Seems to have most of the features of the sennheiser's but not as high quality im assuming. The sennheisers look awesome, just out of my price range.

edit: Just saw these that are much closer to what im looking to pay

So the G35's or the 323d's?

Steelseries Siberia V2, all all around superb. Pull out mic sounds great, is convenient, and provides nice aesthetics. The doubleband design makes the headphones feel light and lessen ear fatigue. Good sound quality, 2x3.5mm for compatibility.

For headphones since you want 7.1 get a standalone mic with headphones instead. In my experience, headphones with mic attached are not as good at all as cans without them. Good standalone mics are like $50 for high end ones too.

I dig the pull out mic idea but agree with Xdflames in an overall quality standpoint. Still might look into them a bit more in hopes of getting lucky just don't like the idea of fiddling with gain and such creating thresholds for all the rooms atmosphere (AC, children, etc.).


Any good headphones with a modmic