New pc gamer

hey everybody sold my xbox's and ps3 built a gaming rig and have no friends lol. by far my favorite game is bad company 2 xbox lvl 50,ps3 lvl 48, and pc for only a buck how could i say no? I also picked up a bunch of games on steam sale I play mostly fps games and some racing games. I bought a race wheel in a goodwill for $30 and have been slapping walls in grid 2 getting it dialed in. 

i don't really know how many games i bought were multiplayer but i could never afford games on console i bought at most 2 games a year and i gotta admit i kind of got carried away on steam sale (my first one). so ya anyways just looking for some folks to game with. steam/origin - destroyerzx1

Add people from this thread, and post there yourself.

thank you much