New PC for Gaming

Hello everyone,

here is the computer i wanna build this summer for gaming what do you think. Anything you would change?


if you are just gaming, no need for 16 gigs of RAM, take a look at this

EDIT scratch that 290  give me a few minutes

there that should work better  the 680 is faster than the 760

I would go cheaper on the RAM, and case.  H440 is cheap and damn good.   Move up to a 770 for graphics.  The 250gb samsung ssd was on sale a week or so ago, if so I would move up to that.  Corsairs RM PSU have a great price, so I would look into that series.

AMD's FX-8350 performs very similarly, if not better than Intel for gaming.  It's slightly cheaper, and will allow you to put more money in the GPU, which is a very important component that affects performance greately.

16GB is overkill for gaming.  8 gigabytes will work just fine.  If you really want 16GB, you can pick up a 2x8GB kit and still be very close to your budget.

I went with a high performance air cooler.  The Noctua NH-d14 is extremely quiet and performs very similarly to some 240mm radiators.

GTX 770 is stronger than a 760.

I went overkill on the power supply, but if you ever want to add another card for SLI, you can.  I'm assuming you want a modular power supply as the 760t has a beautiful window, and cable management will be much easier.  The 750w is only $10 more than the 550w version, so I felt it was worth the extra money.  The cables are a nice flat black as well.