New PC for a PC newbie

Hi, I'm fairly new to the forums and new to building PCs in general.

I'm looking to build a new PC. I know roughly what I would like, but I thought I'd look for a bit more advice first.

My budget is £450-£500 (excluding Windows + Monitor + Peripherals), and its main use will be gaming. I mainly play CS:GO but play a good story game from time to time. I'm not into video editing or anything like that. I've been told that ATI GPUs have a lot of driver issues, so I haven't been looking into them too much. However I would consider it if this is a false claim. Apart from that, I don't mind whether it's Intel or AMD, I just want as much bang for my buck as possible, without having too many issues.

The only things I'm having issues with choosing are the CPU and GPU. Here's what I'm roughly thinking:

CPU - Intel i5 - 3330 3.0GHz Quadcore - OR - AMD FX-6300 3.5GHz 6-Core

GPU - GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost 2GB

Any improvements / suggestions are welcome. Please take into account my budget. I'd rather people be constructively critical instead of being nice to me because I'm new!


Go for the 6300 or an i5 3570K. Try and get a 7870 XT. 

I would go with FX-6300.. It is faster than i5-3330 ... 

I cant help you with gpu because I dont know pricing in UK.. But GTX 650 ti Boost is good card..

You could save money on the PSU and CPU. I recommend the Phenom 965, which will work with this setup.

The PSU I have chosen will cover you for any high-end cards that you might decide to upgrade to. It's probably the cheapest 550W I would recommend. Good solid Japanese capacitors, bronze certified, Seasonic OEM, good voltage rgulation, single 12v rail with a good amount of amps. So, I would advise purchasing it, but you don't have to. Having a good PSU is very very important, in my opinion.

Alternate card you might choose, the 650ti boost.

Here is the same build with the Phenom 965