New PC Fans spin up, no video signal. HELP!

Hey guys. I'm very frustrated right now.


I just built my new PC, and when I boot it up everything lights up and spins up but there is no video signal to my monitor.


I have tested the monitor and it works. There is also NO post BEEP sound. I have tried Clear Cmos, no GPU, no Ram, switching up the ram. Nothing is working out. what problem could this be? can anyone help me?


(P.S. I have removed the watercooler and switched to the intel heatsink fan.)


PC Specs:


Any ideas? :(

Have you tried to give it a few minutes after you pressed the on switch? also are there any LEDs that are red lit on your motherboard?

The most common issue in this case what i've seen is

1. Cable management, replug every single cable from your PSU and peripherals to eliminate the possibility of improperly plugged cables, be especially sure that the EPS (cpu) and motherboard power cables are properly connected.

2. Motherboard, let's hope this isn't the case, but your motherboard may be faulty, but since there are no beeps i wonder if it really is broken. Possibility for electrical shortouts if metal is in contact with back, like if you forgot the standoff screws or front side but that's unlikely due to the armor.

3. Monitor. Less common issues are if you're using an HDMI cable for instance on a first boot system, HDMI doesn't give you image until you enter windows in some cases ( all of my cases ;S) so try out different cables if you happen to use HDMI for some unknown reason. Of course you should use dual DVI or display port cable for your 144hz monitor. Tried a different monitor?

Other cases of pc don't boot at all is when the CPU doesn't work, progress past bios can't happen if your bios don't recognize a mouse and keyboard.

This is on top of my head, and i hope you'll solve it.

Thank you mate! I'm so sad such a nice system isnt POSTing :(