New PC build

So I originally made a thread deciding to get either a 3570k or 8350, but then, I found out I had more cash then I knew, so my budget is exactly $1192.0, and here is what I came up with so far, . I only choose a 500 gb hdd for now because it'll work for a bit, I'll get another hdd later,so if this build could be worked on better, or have better parts added feel free to change it and give me a link. Also this build will be for gaming, recording and rendering videos and streaming (Which is why I went for the i7, and 16 gb of ram), and that's pretty much it.

First off are you going to overclock? If so the CPU cooler is good and you may want to go for the extreme 4. Also if you only want to goto 4.2 ghz the cooler master hyper 212 evo would be just fine. Also for the case I got an nzxt silent 200mm fan because it only had 2 120mm fans in it. Everything else looks fine to me. Good luck :D

I plan to overclock, not very high though, at most around 4.0 ghz

if your going to stream/encode, the latest builds of x264 have avx and FMA support that boost perf alot(i have been using this myself with mediacoder) the 8350 has fma, the intel options do not, and wont till haswel,

thats my suggestion, notice, you get a better cooler, 2tb hdd, better monitor,  I like this case better then the HAF you picked out(have used both!!!) the PSU i added will give you plenty of headroom for more hdd's, a 2nd 7870xt, and pretty much anything else you can cram into that system.

it will cost you 16bucks more then you budget but, all around I personally feel this is a better build for upgrading, AMD plan to keep using this socket for the next generation of chips,

theres more info but amd tend to stick with sockets FAR FAR longer then intel who constantly replace sockets so you have to buy new boards every time you wana upgrade. 

its up to you, one thing to keep in mind about ivy bridge is this 

hope this helps(and yes the psu is very good, i have 550/650 and 730watt versions they are all superflower OEM builds, and SuperFlower is one of the top OEM's and have been a long time :)