New PC Build Questions

I am building a new Unraid server and have some questions. First my usage case: I plan to run several VMs (Linux and Win 10) and maybe docker. I also plan to setup booting Linux and Windows to bare metal. So on boot I’ll choose between Unraid, Linux, and Win 10 with Unraid the default. The plan is to usually run the bare metal Linux and Win 10 in VMs. Here are my questions.

  1. Should I set the BIOS to UEFI for booting? If I don’t use UEFI does that gain protection from UEFI root viruses? Pros and cons?

  2. Should I use the heat sink compound that is on the AMD heat sink fan assembly (2700X)? I have Noctua NT-H1 I could use. I don’t plan to overclock (OC) the CPU. I hope to OC the memory; the memory is 3200 and I hope to push it to 3466.). 3466 is supported by the motherboard, not sure of the CPU. Pro and cons?

Any suggestions or recommendations are welcomed.

NT-H1 is better then the AMD stock paste, so use NT-H1 since you have it on hand.

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Thank you for the rely.

I wasn’t sure if it was worth the effort to clean the AMD compound off or not.

While what @TheCakeIsNaOH is true NT-H1 is better than the AMD stock paste, I would disagree with the advice TheCakeIsNaOH has given. Since you are not going to overclock the CPU, I would wait until the six months or one-year cleaning of the case and parts before I would replace the paste on the default cooler with Noctua NT-H1.
While SonWon may see a few lower CPU temps replacing the default paste with NT-H1, I think in my humble opinion it’s just a waste, now if SonWon was going to overclock his CPU that a different story. Of course, the previous opinion is only my two cents worth; SonWon can disregard it without damaging his new desktop.

I think SonWon shouldn’t worry so much about overclocking his ram to 3466 if he can get it to run at its rated timings or lower, SonWon will be in better shape than if he can set his timing loser but increased his speed. Also, SonWon if he can make sure to purchase Samsung B die ram chips, He will have better luck running his ram chips at there advertised speed and timings.

Thank you for the reply Shadowbane.

The case is filtered so I am hopeful cleaning will not be needed so soon. I would be more concerned with how soon that paste drys out. Do you have any experience there?

After reading this website I think UEFI is likely the better choice.

The only experience I have had is don’t wait any longer than a year to clean out case and computer parts, even if you have a filtered case. Of course, your environment might be cleaner than mine. I have two long haired dogs and three cats, no matter how well I clean there is animal hair all over the place.

No animals here but human. Thanks again!

More information on securing UEFI against LoJax.

The only problem I foresee using the method mentioned in securing UEFI against LoJax is you might have trouble installing or running Linux because some Linux distributions require the disabling of secure boot.

Thank you for reminding me to check. I plan on using Xubuntu and my research shows it just works or I was watching the wrong video. It appears Win 10 will need to be loaded first.

Edit, I missed the secure boot parts, please stand by.

Okay, it appears Xubuntu should work.

Well, I got lucky (NOT) and hit the jackpot with a bad memory module. The test failed even at 2133 which is way below 2933 the supported speed. Memtest86+, test 8, about 45% into the test every time. After a day of trying to get it to work I threw in the towel and will send the memory back tomorrow. I’ll replace it with G.Skill, the ones that end with an ‘X’ in the model number are supposed to be special just for AMD. I’ll see, my cost is 280 € for 32 GB, 3200. If they just work at this point I’ll gladly spend the extra money.

I should add there is always a slight chance it is the CPU.