New PC Build in 1 month I'm still using a QX9650!

Hi there!

So my old PC is old (QX9650 and a GTX 560 ti 448 core) but it’s served its purpose and apart from some gaming, I also code, but my main use is as a composer. I value sober looks and as quiet as possible.

I’ve come into some money and can treat myself to a new PC, here is what I am going for:

Fractal define R6 (no TG!)
Asrock Z370 extreme 4
16 GB corsair vengeance LPX (3000 mhz)
Noctua NH-D14
INNO3D GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Twin X2
Samsung 960 EVO 500 GB
2x Iron wolf 6TB mechanical drives

I don’t need a power supply as I have a spare RM750x a friend gave me.
I don’t need a monitor as I have a pair of Dell ultrasharp U2711’s (Yeah the 10 bit ones - I got em cheap from my workplace, €300 the pair)

Obviously, I also have an external E-MU outboard soundcard connected to a pair of balanced studio monitors (KRK rokit GII 5’s)

I’m kind of stuck on whether to shell out the extra for the 1 TB 960 EVO

I’m also tempted to fill the small m.2 wifi slot with a card like a INTEL® DUAL BAND WIRELESS-AC 7265. I’m on wired net, but we have 2 modem/routers in my house and if mine fails, I have a 50 ft ethernet cable I can use to connect to the one downstairs - i’d prefer wifi.

If you have any thoughts, opinions of comments please do share.


What DAW will you be using? Consider buying 32GB of RAM as a minimum for your recording and other task.

Hi @Miguel_Sensacion , if you mean what am I using, FL Studio 12.5.

I don’t require that much memory as I am 99% creating electronic music and hardly need to track or record audio. I have some big stuff like komplete, east-west symphinc gold, omnisphere and can use a fair amount of instances just with 8 GB (I had 16 but 2 bars died).

I’ll start with 16 (2x8) and add if I need to.


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I used to use Ableton Live yrs ago, but I would record my sets and record my Live shows with it. I did have many instrument packs and vst’s going so I errored on the side of caution.

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That’s a hell of a lot of money into graphics and one hell of an upgrade!

Thanks @Glendog !

I don’t need to upgrade very often - my old PC still does most of my workflows well and the games I like (Elite dangerous, DIII, Path of exile, world of tanks) still run fine on it, albeit at mid settings… …but!

When I do upgrade, I try to get the best to keep it future proof-ish.