New parts worth the upgrade?

Hey guys, my current rig (computer specs) are simple (and also watching/listening to the new video and i hear 7970 which is what i just bought xD )

And im wondering if anyone knows the specs (the proper specs and not some bullshit of INTEL or AMD fans biting each other heads off). So if you guys have any video's or any text specs. ill be really happy :)




CPU: AMD FX-8350 

MOBO: Asrock 970DE3/U3S3 

Memory: 4x DDR3 (2x AMD performance 4gb each, 2x Kingston 2gb each ) 12gb of ram inside 

Graphics card: GTX 550ti (NOT OC and will be taken out due to buying a new one. HD 7970  and bought it when the sale $100 was on it :))

HDD: 1TB Seagate Barracuda Green







Graphics cards: Current 550ti and the 7970


In your system specs youve stated that you have 2600k, decent board and ram. Why bother with a side grade to a (imho) low-midrange board and cpu that will be bottlenecked by the mb? Just a little perplexed by your decision. A 2600k, overclocked or even at stock is still a very powerful cpu. And your motherboard is still quite good as well.

Since you already have bought a 7970, I would only be upgrading that chieftec psu to something better.

So really its just a new PSU which is really worth doing as far as I'm concerned but if you like spending money go for it.


Well, i could be upgrading to the fx 9xxx CPU. not to sure yet, but yea, and what exactly is a IMHO?

in my honest opinion

ah fair enough. but yea. i have a messed up set up cause it's been takking me so long to buy everything xD but i like it so far :)