**NEW PARTS** suggestions?

Upgrading a few parts in my PC. I currently do not have a very good PC and am looking to get some new parts. Im looking to play BF4 and ArmA 2&3.

Heres what i got so far:


Problem is i have a strict budget and really didnt want to exceed $450 but i am willing to pay $500. 30+FPS on those games on high to max settings is fine with me. Anything i can do to the build to lower the cost but maintain the speed i want? Please help, thanks.

Pretty good upgrade.  I'm just wondering why you would get 4x 2gig sticks for ram.


2x4GB kit, and the R9 270X is the same as the 7870, just with a different sticker.

Someone told me that filling up all four slots is a good idea. And it was a little cheaper than the 2x4. I was told that the R9 270X was the same but with a factory OC. Whereas the 7870 comes un-OC'ed.

The platform you have now can only optimize for Dual-Channel ram.  The performance of a 2x4GB kit will be the same as a 4x2GB.  There will only be a difference between 1x8GB and 2x4GB.  You're going to need something like an Intel 2011 platform which has quad-channel capabilities if you want to expect a performance increase.  Getting 4x2GB sticks is filling all your ram slots and eliminating any decent upgradeability in the future.

As for the R9 270X vs HD 7870, they just have slightly different core and memory clocks.  You can always overclock them by yourself easily, and the performance difference at stock might be 1-3fps.  I wouldn't pay for the R9 270X if I could get a HD 7870 for cheaper.

Thanks I appreciate the help!