New or second hand PC for gaming

Hello, I'm a 16 year old ICT engineering student from Finland and quite active on this forum :D I have good knowledge of PC's and have built a couple ones for my friends in will build a coupe in the next few months too. So I will have summerjob in the next month where I will get approximately 750€ and my total budget would be around 850€. The rig would be used for:

Gaming, mild streaming and mild editing.

I'm planning to play on 1080p and because i'm coming from an old laptop, anything above 30FPS with higer than low settings will be a blessing for me :D

I don't need an OS or mouse or a headset, but i don't have a monitor or keyboard yet.

I would like to OC but the parts for the new PC at least will not allow it :/

Here are my options:

New PC:

CPU: i5-4460 180€

MoBo: MSI Z97 PC MATE 90€

RAM: Kingston HyperX Beast 2400 MHz RAM 2x4 GB stics (cheaper than 1600 MHz kits >_>) 75€

GPU: XFX R9 270 DD 170€

HDD: 1 Tb WD Blue 60€

Case: Bitfenix comrade 40€

PSU: XFX 450W core edition 80+ bronze 50€

Monitor AOC i2470SWQ AH-IPS 23.8" 6ms response time monitor.

And some cheap keyboard to get started...

This would be about 830€ from the place i'm ordering the parts from.

Now, i also came across this second hand PC:

CPU: i5-3570K

Cooler: Thermalright Macho Rev.A

MoBo: Biostar TZ77A

RAM: 2xElixir 4GB DDR3 1600MHz

GPU: Gigabyte HD 7950 3GB GDDR5

HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB

Some asus DVD writer

Case: Rosewill Blackhawk

PSU: Superflower golden green 80+ gold 550W

Peripherals that are included:

Monitor: Dell U2412M (250€ new)

Keyboard: Tt eSPORT MEKA

Mouse:  MadCatz R.A.T 5 ( about 100€ new)

And a madcatz mousepad

Total cost would be 600€ including all the peripherals.

Now this deal looks too good to be real for me. The system is 2 years old, and only warranties left would be straight from manufacturer since the shop where he bought it from was shut down year ago.

So wich one should i get?

I have a few questions now. Is the motherboard capable of OC? i've never seen biostar motherboards in finland and only once seen any1 recommending it.

Also, what if something breaks in normal use if I buy the secondhand PC?

I'm just so confused ATM ;_;

Ty for any responses.


Here is the motherboard you are talking about:

It should overclock  little, but I wouldnt really try to do anything crazy with it. The VRM solution looks terrible and you will probably cook the motherboard if you try to increase the volts much. That being said, it has good reviews and will  probably suit you well.

 If the dude is strapped for cash, jump on it. I would run some stabiltiy tests on the computer before purchasing tho.

Gotta talk with the seller if that would be possible. Another option would also be to buy a new motherboard, but i don't think it would be worth it... Money would be better spent on a SSD since the rig doesn't have one.

Ty for your response :)

My first system was a secondhand system.  It really depends on the reliability of the seller.  I'd also prepare some money for any repairs in the future, in case anything does happen.

Biostar motherboards are usually for budget systems.  I'd be fine with a slight overclock, since Intel usually doesn't stress the VRMs as much as AMD does.

The second build looks better because it has an unlocked CPU and better GPU. I'm not sure about biostar motherboards, but it shouldn't be a problem if you know the seller. Also, ask if he's ever overclocked the cpu  and gpu and what was the voltage he was running it in.

But personally, I would get them brand new. It's just being absolutely sure about your components.