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New Open-Source Monospaced Font from Microsoft: Cascadia Code

MS Just released Cascadia Code. Their new Mono Spaced font for Terminals and Coding:

The Repo can be found here:

One of the more interesting features is, that it comes with ligature support. Other than that, it’s an interesting middle ground between plain and readable and a bit of playfullness with rounding and corners.

I’m now testing it in Terminal and VS Code and ejoy it quite a bit so far. For me, it’s easier to read than Fira Code, while not being as Boring as Consolas or such.

An example from my VS Code session:


Nit pick I shall.

I don’t like how low the cross bar on the “f” is, the “r” looks out of place with the additional sticky outie bits not obviously present on other letters and the “k” looks a little odd being so rounded in the legs.

Looks good, but there must be something wrong with your spell checking plug in. Most of your strings look like gibberish to me :stuck_out_tongue: