New NVIDIA driver with no error 43 on KVM with no quirks needed?

After seeing Linus’s new video about KVM with NVIDIA without error 43, I tried again on mine. I installed a brand new windows, installed all updates and even though my NVIDIA appears in the device manager, it still has the error 43. I downloaded the geforce driver experience to install the newest driver, rebooted and still same error. Also tried to update the drivers on device manager, but it says it’s already updated.

It’s a GTX 1660 on Ubuntu 20.04 host and WIndows 10 guest.

Is there anything more that I need to do?

Have you tried manually downloading the new beta driver package that removes error 43?
It might not be in the Windows Update or GeForce Experience yet.

I just went to NVIDIA and found this one and installed but nothing changed:

Version: 466.11 WHQL
Release Date: 2021.4.14

Where could I get this beta driver?

My mistake, the dirver isn’t a beta, the support for virtualization is.

Are you installing this driver version?
It may be that the 466 drivers are on a branch that doesn’t have this enabled yet, but is more stable in a new game.

Just tried this one but it didn’t work either after reboot, still error 43. Maybe it is still using the 466? I don’t know how to see the version being used.

on “add/remove programs” it only lists the 465, not the 466, I guess it got replaced. So I think 465 still does not work

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