New mouse

Hello everyone!

Recently my M65 (non-RGB) it's middle mouse button died. Scrolling works fine but I have to press the Middle Mouse button extremely hard for it to register.
I already sent an RMA to Corsair but I kinda lost where I bought the mouse.
The M65 was great but I think a little bit of a bigger mouse would be easier for me.
Do you have any tips guys?

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If you are looking for larger mice, take a look at the rough volume column in the link below.

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Nothing beats cheap Chinese gaming mice

Possibly the best one

Wow man! That is one awesome chart!

But I got a few questions. I have been looking at the Logitech Gaming mice in general as they are well regarded as well as the Naos 8200 and the MX series.
So right now my favourites list is the following:
* G602
* G502
* Naos 8200
* MX Master

The most important features to me are size, no lag and no acceleration.
How can I compare the acceleration in this chart? I didn't understand the column.
And would you recommend a Wireless mouse like the G602 or MX Master for gaming?

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i have a g602 and it works just like a cable mouse for gaming, the macros are handy for productivity (just what i use them for anyway) the feet on the bottom wear out quickly though so its up to you

g602 gets a 7/10 from me

Hmm yeah. Will think about it. So far I'm really leaning to the Naos Series. Maybe even more so the 7000 than the 8200. Their size is just awesome but it won't match the rest of my setup haha

The G502 is an optical mouse and is touted to have one of the best sensors ever. I have it and use it for gaming. I hate the freescroll though, as it has so little friction, that mouse movement will make it move, if it's not locked. I would not recommend wireless for gaming. There's always going to be some kind of lag with wireless input devices.

Hmm yeah. Exactly what I was thinking. So I am leaning towards getting a new M65 (I know it has a horrible sensor though), Naos 7000 (optical sensor) or a G502!