New Mouse-Help me


I am looking into buying a new mouse for gaming and general use... I have come across two razer products: Razer Deathadder 2013 (£40) and a Razer Mamba 4g (£50) <-- amazing deal.

Can you people help me decide which one is best to buy- i am not bothered about wireless so it comes down to the prices.. Also, please leave any other suggestions you may have around that price!


- Zac

I'd recommend the deathadder. Seeing as you aren't fused about Wireless then you might as well save money and the hassle of changing out batteries, especially when your in the middle of an online war zone and your mouse dies.

DA 2013 for £40 seems like the best deal you can get.

Well, for £40 there's also Logitech G400s but I'd choose it over DA only if you need a big mouse. Last year G400 cost £23 so this price looks atrocious to me now.

If you claw grip your mouse, there's also CM Storm Xornet.

Don't buy wireless gaming mice. They're worse for gaming because of extra weight and inferior power-saving sensors.

thanks for the help!