New mobo (max 330 dollars) for FX 9370

Cooler is H70, tell me if i need a new one (even tho i definetely dont want to)

Boards that i personaly recommend for an FX9370 core cpu in order.

  1. Asus crosshair V Formula Z   8+2 powerphase digi vrm, intel lan
  2. Asrock 990 FX Extreme 9     12+2 powerphase digi vrm intel lan
  3. Asus 990FX Sabertooth R2.0 8+2 powerphase digi vrm
  4. Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0        6+2 powerphase digi vrm

I would say pick one of the top 3. These boards in my opinnion have a decent enough vreg design to support a FX 8 core cpu.

WIll they be able to cool the mobo?

And what about the 220TDP?

Asrock 990 FX Extreme 9 absolutely

Also, I would recommenced just buying a 8370 and overclocking, but to each his own

And as for your cooler, I dont think it will be good enough to do what you want. One of my friends/clients has a 8320 @ something like 4.5GHz with 1.44v on an old VenomousX and it tops out around 60*. Thats cooler is somewhere in the realm of H70 perfromance, single fan.


If you have yet to buy the cpu, I would suggest you take a look at the benchmarks in the link below. Intel's cpus have much lowered TDP (meaning lower temps throughout your case and you wouldn't need to bother with after market cooling unless you overclock), lower power use (lower energy bill, even if it isn't much at all, and I know how much AMD fanboys hate people caring about energy use, but it is something to consider even if you don't weight it very heavily. Personally, I have to try to stay under the alotted electricity use for my apartment or else I will be charged fees, so energy use matters to me), you wouldn't need a motherboard nearly as expensive, you would have upgrade options with the cpu (if you went with an i5, and the 4690 is about the same price as the 9370), pcie 3.0 support (I know that AMD fanboys hate this too, but in the future, pcie 2.0 might become a bottleneck and since he is putting so much money into the build, he should consider the future), and you could go with the extreme6 mobo and get support for 4x pcie m.2 slot (not really a big deal right now, but that is a feature that I personally like). Bolded for easy of reading.

How much each of these things matters to you is a personal decision, and you might just want to support AMD with your purchase, which is completely fine. As far as the mobo which would do well with overclocking and high power draw, I have always heard good things about the ROG mobos as well as the Extreme9, so basically, the recommendations so far have been pretty sound. Gigabyte has had some bad boards on AM3+, so I would watch out for that.

My favorite is the M5A99FX Pro R 2.0. I wouldn't use an Asrock motherboard if it was free. Sabertooth is good also, but a very ugly board imo, and I had VRM overheating problems with it before I got my M5A99FX.


I would say


1. M5A99FX PRO

2. Asus Formula Z

3. Sabertooth

Honestly, I would get the 8350 and just overclock it, don't worry about the 9000 series, your just paying more money for something you can overclock an 8350 to.

9xxx series are high binned chips. That might be worth the money to OP. It really depends. Not all 8350s can hit 5ghz, especially with them cherry picking the 9xxx series now.

Sorry for my late reaction.

But yeah those boards will be fine.

TDP doesnt make any diffrence, Thermal Design Power, is only a value in watts, with a margin, on which your cooling solution must be capable to dispace.

TDP means basicly heat output, and has nothing to do, with power ussage.

im not sure if the H70 is capable to cool a FX9370.

But sometimes you can also get a FX9370 with an included LC cooler.

The cooler that comes with the FX-9370 LC Bundle is an Asetek 570LC+ which is what the H70 is based off of so I would say your fine.

Ah cool didnt knew that, ty ☺

Oh please, stop with the fanboi-ism.

There is no legitimate reason to simply dismiss ASRock without any rational reasoning.

what kinda over heating problems did you have with sabertooth?