New Mobo, dead?

Hello, so I just put together a new comp. The motherboard arrived int he mail today etc etc, however when I plug in for video output to the GPU nothing comes out. The motherboard donst make a beep except when I turn it off. Both the fans of the CPU and GPU run when turned on. I've tried swapping the RAM and that didn't do anything, I've checked and the RAM is indeed compatible. Could it be the ram is DOA? or something else? also when I try plugging in 2 fans through molex connectors the computer wont start at all.

seems like it IS DOA, I removed the RAM and there was no pinging coming from the board.

PSU is too low wattage. Computer wont boot without enough power. Had that issue a long time ago in an old build I had. Ended up adding 1 too many fans on top of all the power already used and it wouldn't post.

I disconncted all the system fans (not the cpu) and it ran fine, onlythings attached to the mobo was 1 hard drive, 1 gpu, 2 ram sticks and the cpu, ive used the PSU before with the same setup but a different mobo/cpu and it ran fine, in fact the other setup had 2 hard drives and fans... the PSU is a 500watt

Tested with only the cpu(and its fan) attached still no beep, isn't this a sign of DOA?