New Mid-High End Gaming Rig

Hi guys, I am upgrading so that means another build :D

These are my parts -


I think it's a pretty well balanced rig, although I can't decide on the GPU. I was thinking of waiting for Maxwell and getting one of them, or at least getting a price drop on 700 series.


What do you guys think?

This post is for all people who want a nice gaming rig in the 1500$ price range. This will run most 2560x1600p games with maxed settings at 60FPS, and almost all 1920x1200p games with maxed settings at 120FPS.

150$ FX-8320

150$ RAM 2x8GB

225$ CrossHair V Extreme (a.k.a CrossHair V Formula-Z)

800$ 780Ti K|NGP|N

50$ 1TB Hard Drive

100$ Corsair RM750

50$ Pick a case you like, or use a cardboard box

Total 1525$

Ummm dude I was looking for insight on my rig, and I live in Australia, so that would be a 2.5k rig here, so please use your own post for something like this,

It's 200$ more than the build you found. Is that too much?

When will you stop giving bad advice?   <- This is basically the build you suggested to the op. Its $500 more and it has no case and no ssd and no cpu cooler.

And at the moment the 780ti kingpin is not in most aus retailers. And even if it was it would be $1000.

Op the only thing i would change in your build is the cooler to something a bit cheaper like NH-U12S or something like a NH-D14. But if you want the watercooling for its aesthetics then go for it.

Edit: Op whats your budget on the gpu?