New machine :)

Hey guys


I have some parts that I know I will buy:



-cx750m psu

-ripjaws-x 8gb

-mx100 256gb


Now with this items I am not rly sure to go with them or to pick something else in this price range:

-cm n500

-gtx970 windforce 3x oc

-asrock z97 extreme 4


Any input welcome :)

All the parts you have listed are fine and will work together.  

Ye I know they will but is this mobo like good so it won't have any vdroop problems or anything like that?

Lots of motherboards have some sort of vdroop.  That's why there's the vdroop offset in most UEFIs.

That motherboard looks great; 12 power phases should be plenty for good overclocking.

I saw video way back that more power phases doesn't mean better mobo

Yes, that's true.  But they still play a major part in overclocking.

So you think asrock is best bang?

Depends how much you plan to overclock.  If you are only doing mild overclocks, even the cheapest Z97 board(well, one that is of good enough quality and is reviewed well) would do just fine.