New Machine

   Hey to the Tek Syndicate posse, my name is Quinn, i have been watching your videos with great interest for the past little while, i have learned alot about not only computers but various other topics as well and i apreaciate you sharing knowlage of such things with the world.

   I have a question about my future computer build.

Main focuses :

- Gaming (Obviously)

- Running Protools, Ableton, and other audio related software

- Streaming

   So i figured i would ask for some insight from the guru's, i have decided to go with amd just for the simple fact of a tight budget (900 - 1200) and... well personal preference.

   I plan on keeping my Radeon 6850 hd dual fan Black Edition just because its a decent card and i am aching for some faster speeds, wich is why my main focus on this build will be the speed because a new gfx card is out of the picture.

   So my question is... If you were in my situation and had the same buget, what hardware would you go for ???