New Loading Icon for Level1Techs

What happens when you put a meme in the title; the loading icon becomes a fidget spinner. I can’t facepalm enough.
Gord morning to you all.

Anyone have ideas what they would make the loading icon look like if Level1Techs was given a custom loading theme? First off away with this red we need a blue time indicator at the bottom right?


Don’t know about a blue time indicator, but you can get a rainbow colored one by typing “awesome” while the video plays.

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Who is Gord?

Saw this mentioned in the comments, but I couldn’t see it… Internet too fast to even get loading icon… First world problems.

/edit Well, thanks to dev tools I can witness the fkin georgeous loading animation. Thanks google!

Go look at some more videos with “fidget spinner” in their titles.

Or dont, cause its probably some paid experiment.

Yyyeeaaahhhhh… not gonna watch fidget spinners :smiley: Who knows what google will add to my recommended videos when I just search for this :smile:


Getting us to watch fidget spinners so suggestively. Are you or closely related to any mid level marketing gurus?

custom loading circles (or other animations) per channel would be annoying

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