New LGA 2011 Board

My old Rampage 4 Extreme is at the end of its life. So I'm looking at new boards, the ASUS P9X79-E WS and the Rampage IV Black Edition. Any one have experiences with either of these boards? Or if anyone has any other good recommendations for a different one.

CPU: i7-3970x

RAM: Ballistix sport 32G

GPU: R9-290x oc

PSU: AX1200i


I did a build with the P9X79-E WS a while back. It is a great motherboard. Just be sure it will fit in your case. SSI CEB. So like ATX but a little wider and some cases it doesn't work in. 

My case is big enough, What operating system did you use? 

Windows 7 and Linux 

sweet! Thanks for the info!

what your rampage 4 is on its end...?

How did this happen?

In all honesty their may be nothing wrong with it. I work at a computer store and get all my hardware through my boss, one day my old ram (Ripjaws x 1866 quad kit) dropped from 32G to 24G of ram. I though it was the ram its self, so I waited for my boss to get me new ram and he gave me two dual channel kits of 16G ballistix sport. With that I had the same result with one of the 4 stick not registering. I Think its ram, My Boss thinks its my CPU pins. so I have decided to get either get a new motherboard or new ram. My boss Wont help me get the ram because he doesn't believe its the problem. I want as much community input as possible!

It's almost always a cpu pin failure when the ram doesn't register like that. I have seen very few cases where the ram is at fault. Ram typically lasts much much longer. For example: If certain manufacturers kept their "lifetime warranties" and the ram failed they would be losing money, no?

It could be your cpu, it could be the board. If you can boot, it's most likely a connection problem. Reseat the cpu and see if that fixes it. Before you actually reseat it though, check the pins on both of them.


Pop out your CPU. Check all of your pins on the board and your CPU contacts. Look for any bendage, breaks or wear. Often times bent pins can actually be fixed. 

Then reseat your CPU. 

I have Re seated with no luck, Maybe i should sell my working parts and go for x99