New Laptop Suggestions Under $400

I want to save up some money for a decent laptop under $400, preferably one that is strong and can be thrown into my backpack w/ my textbooks and such without any worry of it breaking.  I need one that is decently fast, too, with two or more gigs of RAM.  I also want one that runs Windows 7, NOT Win8.  At least 100 GB of C:\\ drive storage.Any suggestions?


You'd be hard pressed to find a new laptop without Windows 8, much less durable one under $400. Bite the bullet on Windows 8, install a 3rd party start button program, and you should be golden.

I think one of these guys would be your best bet.

If you can deal with Windows 8, then this guy would be a solid bet:

and with the money saved, you can invest in a neoprene sleeve for durability, and/or a fancy pants SSD for screaming speeds and improved battery life.

Thanks for the reply.  I actually think I might just go with the i3 edition, and I guess that I can tame Windows 8 to fit my liking.  Thanks for the feedback!  :^D

you can get quite a few a series apu laptops in that range also might be something to look into


Its refurbished but this thing fits the bill. You can even game on it with the quadcore APU, 4GB ram, 500gb hdd, LED backlit screen etc etc

All good suggestions!  Thaks for the support!