New Keyboard

Since a cat peed on my last keyboard and killed it I've been in the market for a replacement. I really only have three requirements, black, mechanical, and red LED. Looking to spend ~120 on a new one. Not interested in the Corsair's ones. Read reviews about the LEDs failing left, right, and center.

hello, i have a ducky shine 2 and a shine 3 tkl, i have the shine 2 for a few years, nothing wrong with it, feels like new, all round good quality

i payed about 150 euro, thats about your pricerage i think.

ducky makes them in all led color en mx keys u like

i haveĀ  a mx brown with blue led and a mx blue with white leds

filco and wasd are nice too

Yeah, the Ducky Shine 3 is great i've had one for a few months and i absolutly love it. But it's a bit on the pricier side.