New iPhone 5S features

The 5S was just launch.  The only feature worthy IMO is the finger print reader which unlocks your phone and authorizes app and media purchases.  If it works well it could be a welcomed thing for security. The only other stat i found interesting is the new cpu is now 64bit and so is ios7. Thoughts?

all i need to do is cut off your finger to unlock your phone now. muahwhwha

literally everything was leaked this year, kinnda sad, i would've pulled everything, gold? plasitc? no we were never working on that

I think the announcement was great. Seems like a great phone. Its down to the Maxx or the 5S for me now. Anyway, I am not entirely sure why the move to 64-bit. Other than more accessible memory and double the registers, why else would they want to do that? I hope it isn't a "we were here first" matter.

The only boner killer of having an iPhone is that it doesn't have an SD Slot. And its relatively small compared to most popular Android phones. 16 gigabytes maybe enough to some but I'd like the option of at least adding more memory without buying a more expensive version of a phone.

Wonder what they've done with the scuffing issue that occurred in the precursor. Most of the units I saw had the scuffing along the edges.

Apple likes to keep things uniform across platforms. So is it safe to assume that because the iPad 5 will be 64-bit, there might be more memory? I think that the iPad will now become more professional.

Concerning the 5C, im very annoyed that the tech press has done nothing for last 3 years except rake any plastic phone over the coals, but when Apple comes out with it they say its awesome. The articles on it make me puke.

You can't seriously think the iphone 5s has new features :|


Oh the fingerprint reader has come back, I had that on my HP/Compaq iPAQ back in 2002. It was useless back then on the iPAQ, why would it be useful now on the iPAD or iPHONE. What's wrong with full device encryption anyway? Doesn't Apple like users to encrypt their data on their devices? Or does Apple prefer the idea of biometric user data being stored in plain text fomat so they can data mine it and sell it to the highest bidder? Apple=bollocks!

Gotta read this article by the editor.


On the next article which shows Microsoft and Nokia mocking Apple the first comment is:

"I doubt Apple will care what the people in last place say"

Mother of God.


Also I'm going to crosspost my comment from another thread like this one:

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Basically the jist of it was:

Normally Apple comes out with a bunch of crap that makes their phones look good, but this year they only really mentioned the new processor, fingerprint scanner, IOS7, and... colour, apparently colour is innovation now.

Also, is there really any day-to-day advantage to 64-bit? other than more than 4GB, but I doubt Apple will be having more than 4GB of RAM in any of their mobile products any time soon...

Today I heard a girl say she needed more money so she could buy the 5C, I (politely) asked her why she wanted it and she said it was because she really loves Iphones. Ok fair enough but what's special about this one? "You can unlock it with your finger!" said she, so basically in her mind she is spending £350 (price of 16GB model) on a fingerprint scanner, she already had a Iphone 4S. I mean really Apple, if the phone was actually cheap I wouldn't have minded, the Nexus 4 is about half the price (£200 for 16GB model) and it's much better in pretty much every way in my opinion.


Sorry for that being biased but, well it is, I have come over with a serious case of hating Apple recently.

Also this

I just find it puzzling that with so many really good phones out there, the iPhone still gets 90% of the spot light. People rave about features that didnt get a single head nod on other phones.  People went nuts over the 120fps 720p slow mo video capture on the iphone 5S, but no one said anything about it when it was announced on the note 3 a week ago and no one said a thing about it.

Bloody tinfoil hat swarms... :P

Should of sponsored the edge