New Home Server Build

Hi all, I’m planning on building a home server in mixed environment of windows and mac os. My usage is very mixed from backups, media sever, photography, videography and much more. My parts list as follows…

Logic Case SC-415H 4U Chassis for 15x 3.5" HDD
Gigabyte AMD MZ01-CE1 ATX EPYC Motherboard
4x Micron 16GB 3200MHz ECC Registered DDR4 Server Memory
AMD 8 Core 2nd Gen EPYC™ 7252 CPU
Noctua AMD Threadripper NH-U9 TR4 SP3 CPU Air Cooler
Gigabyte CSA4648 2-Port Mini SAS HD PCIe RAID Card
2x Gigabyte CMT4034 4 x M.2 PCIe x16 Adapter Card
3x SilverStone SST-SDP11 - 3.5" to 4x M.2 SATA based SSD Mounting Adapter Bracket Hard Drive Holder
Corsair RM750 750 Watt 80+ Gold Fully Modular PSU
12 x 3.5 hdd, 9 x M.2 nvme ssd, 12 x M.2 sata ssd
and plenty of cables

Total cost without storage £1850 = $2500

My only problem is is what software to use if anyone can point me in the right direction i would be very grateful

thanks vonlouie

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i assume by software you mean storage platform? the popular choice here is TrueNAS Core (fka FreeNAS).

if you mean hypervisor, you’ll find a varying array of suggestions and you’ll need to elaborate more on your requirements.

Edited, I did not read the parts right

Um, did you double check the available pcie sockets?

It looks like you want to add 5 m.2 adapting cards, plus a HBA?

I think you might be one socket short for that.

The board looks to have SATA sockets via the slimline SAS SFF8087 (or whatever) connectors.

You might think about dropping the HBA, and just using forward breakout cables from the mobo slim-sas connectors direct to the drives?

As for the OS, FreeNas is good.

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Thanks for replying

My complete set up as follows

Apple is what i mainly was for my media consumption music, films and so one. I’ve a mac mini, applt tv, ipads and iphones but it getting to be a pain transferring throught the mac mini as i have got a large collection of moves and to many external hdd. Possible VPN access ?

On the window side I’ve 4 pcs my main one i use gaming, phot-video editing and music production, second one i use just for lan partys, my laptop i use just like my main pc just not as powerful then my other halfs laptop which see uses for work.
I definitely need backups of my main pc and laptops

Hypervisor i dont think i need

There is only three pice card going to be add and a graphic card which i forgot to mention Nvidia Quadro P2200.

SilverStone SST-SDP11 is a 4 m.2 sata in a 3.5 in drive which use the normal sata connection

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Using nvme m.2’s in this would probably be a waste since you’ll be bottlenecked by the sata connection. You won’t get full speeds on 4 sata m.2’s, but it will still be faster than spinning rust (and maybe faster than 2.5" ssd?)

Are you planning on doing Plex transcoding using the GPU?

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