New gpu problems

Hello. Today I just purchased a new gpu a hd 4870. Installtion went great but whenever I scorll around or minimize any application theres this slight choppyness and lag.

Thank you 

Either drivers or that card is WAY to old to run current stuff...

I got the drivers off the website maybe I got the wrong ones or something but I dont think a 4870 cant handle chrome :/

Well thats a old card have you installed the new drivers from AMD and not the driver cd you got from the card yet?

From the website , I just went back on there and got the auto detect just incase. My friend has the same card but diffrent model and doesnt seem to run into many problems but it probably is a driver issue. I got it to work, it was a driver issue thank you all for the help.

try older drivers. that graphics card is fine. i previously had a 4670 a while ago and it did awesome. its just a driver issue.